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We have over 25 years of experience and Best Location in the Heart of the City near Park Street Crossing.

People make Mistakes When Searching For New Office Space Finding the right office space is essential but it is not that easy. In the current market, you have plenty of options available to find the right office space within your budget. It is very important for the business if you choose a right office space. some mistakes you should avoid while searching for a new office space otherwise, it may affect your day to day activities, staff and also your brand image. Here are few mistakes to avoid while searching for a new office:
Choosing the right location and right place can make a huge difference. If you are in the market for searching for a new office space choose wisely because it can make a big difference for your business or company or whatever it is. The main factor is the clients and employees should be convenient in finding the new office. Which means there should be good neighbourhood near to the office. It’s always good that your office space is in a popular area.

Miscalculating The Size And Price: Miscalculating the size and price is the common mistake done by many companies these days. Because of miscalculation of size and price many companies are either wasting their office space or hindering their employees in a crowded space. Price is probably the key factor in choosing a new office space. If you spend very little you may struggle and end up making life difficult for the employees by keeping them in a congested place.If you spend more you either waste the office space or you may struggle to pay the rent. Size is one of the most important factors in choosing a new office space. First, calculate the size of the office space and then the number of employees and their requirements for example desks, room for the employees for meeting with the clients etc. Be practical and evaluate what is required and what is not. In a short time always to do the comparison with other office spaces in your list. At the end of the day make sure you are getting value for money.

Office Space Without Right Environment: While searching for a new office space right atmosphere plays a vital part. Having a pleasant atmosphere in the office can make a huge difference. quiet atmosphere near office space can improve the work productivity of your employees. Finding the right environment not only helps the employees but also builds the company reputation when it comes to meeting with clients, investors or partners.

Looking At Only One Benefit : This is the common mistake made by many while finding a new office space.Looking at only one benefit in a new office can prevent you from finding the right office. Firstly, you have to explore many options and take a deep look at them. Considering all your options is the best way to find a right office. The more options you have the more advantages in negotiating the deal, regarding both terms and price. You will be in a better position in choosing a right office space. The conclusion is that consider as many options as you can.

Searching For A New Office Space Without A Plan: As far as one knows the biggest mistake is trying to change an office space without having a proper plan. Searching for a new office space can take time when you have the successful art of planning. Having a planned strategy is essential to your success. If you are searching for a new office without a proper plan in lesser time you might end up thinking, whether it is a good fit or not. To avoid this sort of situations you should come up with a proper strategy.

Make sure that you never jump into new office without analysing and conducting research on all the possibilities. By conducting research and analysing all the possibilities you may find the office space which is the right fit for you.

Here’s what we offer:

Cost effective office facilities: We provide with office accommodation - capable of offering a comprehensive range of business support services. Our office accommodation is professionally decorated so as to give the optimum corporate feel.

Space away from the chaos: You can hold confidential negotiation, conferences, seminars, training programmes, meetings, walk-in interview in perfectly chaos-free zone etc.

Worry free business services: We ensure you perfect peace of mind. You don’t have to bother for any organizational effort, administrative and training hassles, without even the slightest worry of the elaborate setting up process.

Varied and flexible plans: We have a wide range of flexible plans of office space that will suit your short and long time purposes. Our business center provides you with art congenial corporate environment equipped with computers, copiers, fax, telephones, typewriters, Internet, cable T V etc.

Specialised business services: We provide you with the corporate office space with full set of specialised business support services. Our package includes secretarial support, courier, car hire, tours, travels, printing, advertising, catering, hotel services and car parking - for amazingly reasonable charges.

Locational Advantages:Our business center is located right at the center of the Business hub of Kolkata. You can find major business points, banks, hospitals, ATMs, luxury hotels, cafes, medicine shops, and everything in close vicinity of HM PLAZA work center. HM PLAZA business service center is adjacent to IDBI, ICICI, SBI, HDFC and all major banking institutions.

Distance from airport: Commercial real estate of HM PLAZA is half an hour journey from airport

We honour your money, as much as you honour your business.

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